Cherry Island


Since 2009

Zombies Island
(Web browser)

This game for Flash 10 was about survival actions against Zombies. Some say that there is an hidden door in Cherry Island for this map...

Started in 2009
Ended in 2010

Operation Cobra

This single map was released to experiment a FPS game with the Photon servers. Made with Unity 3 and aborted to start Cherry Island

Started in 2010
Ended in 2011


This strategy game is actually in development. Choose your side in the underground war between rabbits and rats. Actually made to play against the computer.

Started in 2018
TBC for 2019

Resources and tutorials

Some tutorials and various resources are planned to extand Articles about optimisations for large 3d map would be the first resource to be released

Started in 2009
Planned for 2019

Main licences used for our games

Made with Unity 3d

Past showcase of

Past events from

Swissnex India

Gaming tour 2016

Grafik 16


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About Cherry Island Steam release

Published ;June 2018

Hardware requirements, dates and prices

In Construction

About the other games

Published ; June 2018

Informations about the others games in development

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