• A new world of conflict

    The world of Cherry Island is waiting on you! Enter the adventure of Rebecca Willow or invade the islands with his enemy Zary. Play now for free!

  • 3D design over the years.

    Models for games is the most completed section of 3DWeb.ch. With modern and futuristic design, models are free to use in commercials projects. Download buildings, transports and many more.

  • Scripting with passion

    A lot of code is needed for a complete 3D game, if you are interessed to learn or to review the scripts created for Cherry Island, jump to the development section.

  • Optimizations and advices

    The tutorials about Unity 3d are annonced for this summer 16, please stay tuned for some advices about heavy meshes environments or if you don't know how to organize and optimize a large 3D world.

  • Continous add-ons are planned.

    Cherry Island updates are planned till 2017, others sections are updated weekly. Stay tuned or follow the twitter channel of 3dweb.ch @cherryisland3d

Cherry Island project details

2024, Z Corporation is about to invade North America from the caribbean islands of Cherry, but NatoX countries setting up for the fight.

What you can discover in the islands:

  • Engage the enemies from the ground, the sea or the air.
  • Various missions.
  • A large detailed city.
  • Various scenarios: survival mod, area control,...
  • Level up your hero to unlock new abilities.
  • Various characteers.

Resources and others projects

Toucan logo

Music Production (2006-2016)
About Dj Toucan productions on

Model 3d

Designing various models (2008-2016)
Main resource of this website, this section is about 3D design like texture 2D or free models made by the webmaster
Read More

Unity 3d logo

Unity 3D - Game engine (2011-2016)
You can find some tips and scripts about the engine Unity 3D. This section is made for developers, interessed by my scripts. Read More